2022 Dollar OFF Club- Beverage Cup

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Dollar Off Club- Beverage Cup

  • Purchaser of Cup will only Receive $1 Dollar off mixed drinks served in dollar of cup
  • Mixed Alcoholic Beverages only
  • Not Applicable for Can Beers/Seltzers/ Taps/ or Non Alcoholic Beverages
  • Person receiving discount must have cup, be present & purchaser of cup
  • Cup is non-transferable and cannot be used by other people besides the purchaser
  • Dollar off Cup must be present/ Drink must be served by Fairways of Woodside staff in Dollar off cup to receive a discount.
  • Fairways of Woodside will not store your cup
  • Fairways of Woodside is not responsible for lost/ stolen or damaged unrecognizable dollar off cups
  • Fairways of Woodside reserves the right to refuse discounts for cups that are unrecognizable, damaged, or fake replicated cups..
  • Dollar of Cup discount will expire on 12-31-22
  • Must be 21 to purchase alcoholic
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