Don’t want to golf all 9 holes, but want to get out, golf,  & have fun with your friends? The Ladies’ 5 & Wine is for you!

This week’s 5 & Wine is Thurs. August 2nd.  The next (and last) 9 & Wine is Thurs. Aug. 16th.

5 pm straight tee time| $30 | Golf 5 holes

 •  Tee time preference is booked on a first come first serve basis.  •

• No event holes, handicap scores or team rankings; This is all about having fun! After golf, enjoy 2 complimentary glasses of wine & hors d’oeuvres. •

Wine List


  • Josh Cabernet
  • Merlot
  • Rosé
  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Ruffin Pinot Grigio
  • Domino Moscato
  • Gnarly Head Pinot Noir & Double Black Red Blend
  • Trivento Malbec
  • Donna Paula Malbec


• Sign up in our Pro Shop or call us at 262-246-7042 .  RSVP deadline is the Monday of the 5 & Wine event.

Dinner with Skip Kendall & Brian Mogg

At 6:30 PM on Thursday, July 26th, we are having a special meet & greet dinner with Skip Kendall & Brian Mogg after our Youth Clinic instruction. Both are current players on the Champions Tour.

Talk with the pros, ask questions, & take pictures. Everyone is invited, so bring your friends!

Dinner is free, with a suggested donation of $25. 

All donations will go toward paying for the clinic, which is free of charge to our junior golfers!


Call  262-246-7042 for more info!




July 23, 2018

“Don’t turn a thick-grass lie into a one-shot penalty”

When you’re done cycling through the typical phases of a golfer’s mental state after hitting one in deeper rough—from disappointment to anger to anguish to finally, resignation—give yourself a healthy slap in the face (glove hand, preferred) and cue the internal “Raiders of the Lost Ark” theme song. You’ve got this.

Not only are you going to put the ball back in play, you’re going to give yourself a decent chance of hitting the green. It helps to have the right attitude, but what really matters are the adjustments you make to your club selection, setup and swing. They’re not that complicated, and remembering to do even a few of them can help keep you from playing your next shot a couple of steps in front of where you are now. So take heed.

First, club selection. If the green is too far away for a short iron—which is always the smartest option from the rough—go with a hybrid or higher-lofted fairway wood instead of a longer iron when the lie isn’t that bad. It’s a judgment call, but I wouldn’t use anything more than a short iron for the scary lie you see here. But why a hybrid instead of a long iron? The wider sole gets through the grass more easily, so you don’t have to throw your back out to reach a green.

Second, address. Make sure the ball is no farther forward than center in your stance, grip down a touch on the club, and put a little more pressure on your front foot. This will make it easier to get the clubhead back to the ball with as little interference from the grass as possible. Also keep in mind that the blades tend to tangle around the club, which can twist the face shut. That makes it a lot harder to get the ball up and out. To counteract this, set the clubface a touch open and hold on to the grip a little tighter.

Third, the swing. Adopt a takeaway where the hands hinge the clubhead abruptly upward, certainly more than they would for a fairway lie. This sets up that sharper angle down into the ball you want for decent contact.

I realize that sounds like a lot to remember, and many of you are looking for that “one thing” to hit this shot. Fair enough. Here’s your swing thought: up and oomph. Up means a steeper takeaway to help avoid the grass, and oomph means swinging down with an aggressive attitude. Feel like you’re going to power through whatever dares to stand in your way, and your clubhead will reach the ball with plenty of energy.

The superintendent might think his rough is tough, but we know better. — With Ron Kaspriske

Jeff Ritter is director of instruction at the Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Ore.


Source: Golf Digest

We’ve got deals on golf all month long!

Twilight Teachers Special

July, Mon.- Fri. after 5 pm 

$25 All-you-can-play for teachers

*Must show school ID


July is Family Golf Month

July, Mon.- Fri. after 5 pm

$100 Book a 4-some for your family

Book a tee time through our website, then redeem your discount at check-in!

Pump House Party

Thursday, July 19th

7 PM


Sponsored by Fairways of Woodside & Sloppy Joe’s Bar & Grill


Fairways of Woodside cordially invites you and your friends to attend our 1st ever Pump House Party.  Enjoy a night filled with live music, dinner & drinks! 

When you arrive, a Club Car will be waiting to escort you to the Pump House.  Follow the Tiki Torches to our well kept secret!


•  Dinner will be served at 8 PM. •

•  Guests will also have the a chance to play our Closest to the Pin on Hole 12 for $2.  All proceeds will be going to the Milwaukee Fallen Police Officer Foundation •

• Join us for the after-party in our clubhouse at approx. 10 PM.  Snacks will be provided. •

• RSVP online, by phone/email, or in the Clubhouse •


Call 262-246-7042 or email

Fairways of Woodside presents Skip Kendall Golf Clinic
July 26th- 27th

Champions tour player Skip Kendall returns to Milwaukee for a youth golf clinic.   Kendall, a short game ninja and Brian Mogg, a top 100 teacher, will work with 20 players at Fairways of Woodside on the 26th & 27th of July.

   Both are current players on the Champions tour.   Wisconsin is full of talent and we are excited to help players improve their game with high level teachers and amazing golf tour professionals in our own backyard!


This camp is limited to 20 Jr. players (junior high, high school, and collegiate).  Players will participate in an intimate 2 days of instruction and will play on the course with the pros. They will receive 12 Titleist golf balls of their choice, lunch, & a special evening dinner on the 26th.


Call the Golf Shop to register & for more info.